Northwood Books
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59 North Main St. ~ Chambersburg, Pa 17201 ~ 717-267-0606

 Established 1988

          Northwood Books has been family owned and operated since 1988. Jack and Evadell Staley opened Northwood Books in Chambersburg as their third bookstore in the tri-state area. The Staley family also operated Barnwood Books in Hagerstown as well as Southwood books in Martinsburg for more than twenty years.


          The current owner, Ami Plessinger, bought Northwood Books from the Staley family in 2006. Since then, she has expanded and redesigned the store layout to emphasize classics, fine bindings, antique and rare books. We are constantly working to deliver the best bibliophile experience to our customers.

 In 2007, Dwain and Ami Plessinger purchased the Northwood Books building to renovate and improve the Downtown Chambersburg experience. During the renovation, several interesting discoveries were made such as false walls in the basement, presumably used to hide slaves on their trek to freedom on the Underground Railroad. In addition, a tunnel connected Northwood Books to another building as part of an elaborate string of tunnels running throughout Chambersburg in connection with the Underground Railroad. Today, the bookstore operates on the first floor of the building with residents above. We continually strive to maintain a clean and positive downtown experience while meeting all your literary needs.


          For more information about the history of the Underground Railroad in Chambersburg, please click here.